Why Stretta?
Why Stretta?

Recent Customer Stories
After having my baby I had a struggle to lose most of the weight I gained. By them time I did I had a new problem, stretch marks. I had them on my stomach and my but. I wanted to wear cloths that showed off my newly slim again body, but I did not want people to see the stretch marks. I tried ZENMED Stretta for about two months. I can not believe how well it worked.

Joyce T.
San Diego CA.
After months of working out, eating an anabolically correct diet, and spending hours in the gym, I finally achieved the cut, muscular physique I worked so hard for. This new body came with a price – stretch marks. It was frustrating, seeing my hard-earned body marred by these marks. I decided to give ZENMED Stretta a shot. After just a few weeks, the stretch marks are barely even visible.

M. Potter.
Cincinnati, OH
A growth spurt during my teens left a few permanent marks. These stretch marks where not severe, but I was a little self conscious about them. I tried Stretta to get rid of them. After a few weeks of using it I noticed amazing results. I am now using the Skin Support Supplement from ZENMED and I love the way my skin looks and feels.

Amber L.
Vancouver, BC

f you have thin, light lines or stretch marks that have been hardened, red or even purple marks from scaring and stretched skin, you will want to try ZENMED® Stretta. It is the only formula that has a three tier scar removal process, promising real results.

This formula has shown amazing results for woman after pregnancy, sufferers of acne scarring, people with scars from deep cuts and even people who wanted to diminish the lines and wrinkles associated with aging.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are so confident in ZENMED® Stretta and its ability to remove stretch marks and scar tissue that if it does not work for you in 60 days we will give you 100% of your money back! Guaranteed!

ZENMED® Stretta Stretch Mark Removal Formula.

Stretta Stretch Mark CreamStretta is a scientifically formulated treatment for even the most stubborn of stretch marks.  Our unique formula penetrates deep into the skin to repair damaged skin layers, removing the appearance of both white and red marks from the surface of the skin. 

The key to stretch mark removal comes from a high concentration of glycolic acid which is extremely effective in stimulating the growth of collagen in the skin, where stretch marks form.  The latest ingredient in skin healing available is centillica asiatica. It nourishes the skin and improves elasticity

The end result is flawless, smooth skin in as little as 3 weeks.


ZENMED® Stretta
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Strechmark removal process

Ingredients Breakdown:

Glycolic acid:
The darling of the exfoliation world, glycolic acid is a potent ingredient that effectively removes the dead, dry cells from the upper layers of the skin.  Glycolic acid allows newer skin to come to the surface, giving the appearance of smoother, more luxurious skin.  By removing the top layer of the skin, the glycolic acid allows for skin healing ingredients to have access to the damaged areas that lie under the surface of your skin.

Centillica Asiatica:
Tears in the middle layer of the skin are the cause of stretch marks.  These tears can happen for any number of reasons and leave the skin with marks, or striae, that range in color from red to white to purple.  Centillica Asiatica is a newly discovered plant-based ingredient that is proven to stimulate collagen production in the skin.  With increased collagen, the torn layer of skin can repair itself over time with repeated applications.  ZENMED®’s Centillica Asiatica is sourced from organically and environmentally friendly farms, providing you with the safest most ecologically-minded ingredients available.

Combining organic ingredients and effective healing agents, ZENMED®’s Stretta is a high-quality product that will continue to amaze you as you use it on your skin.  Combined with Stretta’s other ingredients, like organically-sourced aloe vera, witch hazel and vitamin E, your skin will look and feel completely renewed.

No matter what kind of stretch mark you have, from light thin lines acquired during pregnancy to old white marks that have been with you for years, Stretta is your first choice for advanced skin repair on every level.  Stretta has even shown promising results in treating scars and pock marks from acne.  ZENMED® encourages you to try this amazing product for yourself today and experience the joy of smooth, clear, beautiful skin.

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